Woodway Treadmill Repair

Hello Cleveland,

We work on all different kinds of treadmills in our day to day operations. This is a time lapse video of the a rear axle replacement on a Woodway Desmo treadmill we completed last week. If you are not familiar with Woodway treadmills, you should check them out. In the treadmill world, they are considered one of the best and are the treadmill of choice for all the professional sports teams we work will including the Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians. They use a unique kind of treadmill belt system the looks like a tank tread and gives the runner a soft cushioned running surface that eases pressure on the joints. Most people find it hard to go back to a conventional treadmill once they have had a chance to try a Woodway. They are pretty heavy so if you are looking to have one installed in your commercial gym or home make sure you have plenty of help to move it! Let us know if you have any questions about Woodway treadmills or need a repair. We have been an authorized service provider of Woodway for many years and can answer any questions you may have. In the mean time enjoy the video. The actual repair takes a little over an hour, but we scrunched it down to 20 seconds. So don’t blink!


Here is the video!

Woodway Axle Time Lapse Video


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Most Popular Fitness Trends in 2018

Mountain bike
Every year brings renewed focus on fitness and health as enthusiasts search for a new angle to reach workout goals. Some are exercise fads, met with great zeal but have little staying power. Others enjoy prolonged interest and become trends that set the tone for the fitness industry.

Trends can be consistently popular for many years, like strength training, while others, like HIIT, come out of nowhere and dominate. Short-lived trends like Zumba dazzle us with frenetic fun, while others like functional fitness live on because of real-world relevance.

The American College of Sports Medicine predicts that heading into 2018 we’ll have a continuation of some previous trends that have lasted several years or more, as well as the continued success of some relative newcomers. Regardless of whether you like to stick with the tried and true or venture into something new, 2018 has a lot to contribute to your fitness plans.

HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT was the domain of serious athletes before it became a mainstream trend in 2014. Since then it’s a preferred workout strategy for fitness buffs of all shapes and sizes. It’s a shorter workout, lasting about half an hour, which involves very brief periods of intense-level activity followed by short periods of low-intensity recovery. The intensity required for HIIT can cause injury, so if you’re new to exercise, get clearance from your doctor first.

Wearable Technology

This is a relatively new trend that isn’t likely to go away anytime soon. Data makes the world go around, and fitness is no exception. You can track your activities, physical responses, progress, locations and more with technology you wear as you work out. Having the feedback of accessible data helps to motivate and raise the bar for many.


Yoga is an ancient practice that aligns the physical, mental and spiritual disciplines to improve your health and well-being. In recent years it’s become a fitness trend as more athletes are becoming enlightened to its benefits. There are many different kinds of yoga and multiple levels of difficulty, making it an activity that welcomes newcomers as well as challenges the more experienced.

Functional Fitness

Sometimes referred to as “training for life,” functional fitness enables you to be more successful in the physical activities of daily life. Whether it be bending down to get something from the cupboard or carrying a box up a flight of stairs, functional fitness makes these activities less taxing. Instead of isolating a muscle, such as during a seated bicep curl, functional fitness workouts involve using groups of muscles together. A functional fitness bicep curl, therefore, could be done while standing or seated on a stability ball, both of which also engage your core.

Group Training

Fitness classes have been around for years but have only recently become a top trend. The year 2018 will see this trend continue as participants enjoy the benefits of qualified instruction combined with the camaraderie experienced in a class setting. Group classes motivate, educate and inspire, making them popular and likely to stay that way.

Strength Training

Strength training continues as a trend into 2018 because of its impact on well-being and accessibility to many different types of fitness participants. Weight training not only increases strength in those who are healthy, but it can also contribute to the rehabilitation of people recovering from cardiovascular, pulmonary and metabolic disease.

Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training continues in popularity heading into 2018. Offering the same benefits as strength training, this type of exercise requires very little equipment and can be done at home as well as in a gym or fitness class setting.

Fitness trends for 2018 consist mainly of continuing successful trends from the past. Personal trainers are regularly certified, group training is gaining steam and there continue to be fitness programs available for older adults. Wearable technology continues, as does the focus on overall well-being with yoga, functional fitness and strength training. If you’re looking to get fit, 2018 is a great time to start.

4 Tips to Help Keep Your New Year Fitness Resolutions

Fitness Resolutions
It’s all set up, and it looks great. You’ve fine-tuned all the equipment and had all the necessary repairs completed before the new year. You don’t need a membership, because it’s in your personal fitness center. Now you just have to figure out how to keep that New Year’s resolution and exercise regularly…

So how do you make this resolution a habit that enhances your lifestyle? How about adding humor to your routine? Turning something difficult into something fun and enjoyable can be accomplished in four easy steps.

1. Make Funny Motivational Posters

You remember those motivational posters found in classrooms and strategically placed throughout health clinics? They often say something along the lines of, “Whether you believe you can or you cannot, you are correct” or “Aim for the moon, because even if you fail, you’ll land among the stars.”

While those posters can offer encouragement, they aren’t going to get you smiling as you enter your fitness center. Instead, try some of these ideas and post them in places you’ll see them frequently, such as on bathroom mirrors, the fridge, or in your office:

  • Photoshop your head onto the body of an Olympic athlete.
  • Print off funny exercise comics.
  • Pick a superhero and rename your equipment and routines after him/her.

2. Make a Unique Playlist

Exercise playlists help you pass the time and increase your pace when running on an elliptical or other piece of equipment. Try something new as you create your personal playlist. Here are some avenues to explore:

  • Find covers of your favorite songs.
  • Explore new artists and genres.
  • Ask for recommendations and share your own — your playlist might become your new conversation starter.

3. Out-of-the-Box Incentives

Incentives are always a great way to keep your fitness goals. They typically work like this: On days you exercise, you put a dollar into a jar. On days you don’t exercise, the dollar gets taken away. When you have enough money, you can go buy a new electronic or go out to the movies.

Those incentives are pretty good, but how can you add a humorous twist to them? How about giving one of these ideas a try:

  • Make a spinning wheel of rewards you might like. At the end of a good exercise week, spin the wheel to see what your reward is. You could even make a spinning wheel for your off weeks, where you have a punishment for missing workout days. Add to the humor and mystery by including a variety of small, funny things and larger, more exciting options (think Silly String versus a day trip to the beach).
  • Reward yourself with new exercise clothing — that coordinates with your funny posters or favorite superhero. How quickly can you transform yourself from average exerciser to super stretcher?

4. Transform Your Exercise Space

What can you do to transform your standard equipment into something that is uniquely you? It’s your space and it should be enticing to you. So here are some ideas to get you brainstorming:

  • Don’t go with standard black and silver. Find a hot pink exercise bike or a camouflaged weight set. Whatever suits your style. If you don’t want to tamper with equipment you already own, consider painting a wall to add flair to the room.
  • If your exercise space is at work, use something that isn’t temporary to change things up. Peel off wall decals or a brightly colored yoga mat can make your workout experience more enjoyable.

A healthy lifestyle is more than just a good workout regime. It is enjoying yourself while you do it. Hopefully you can find some way to incorporate humor into your schedule and make your fitness resolution a happy habit.