For many, maintaining good physical fitness is a top priority. Considering that regular exercise benefits health and wellness in countless ways, it makes sense that you’re committed to your exercise routine. You finish workouts covered in sweat, but with a deep level of pride and satisfaction.

If your preferred machine in your home gym isn’t functioning properly, however, your entire training program could get thrown off — especially if you can’t easily take your workout outdoors (say, because of rain or snow).

Luckily, Zimmer Fitness Repair is here to help. We are a trusted exercise equipment repair service provider in northeast Ohio. Our highly trained technicians can be there promptly for residential fitness equipment repair. Whether you have just one machine in your basement or a full array in your home gym, we have the expertise to diagnose the problem and get you back up and running.

Zimmer FItness Repair
Our residential fitness equipment repair services include:

  • Inspection
  • Troubleshooting
  • Parts replacement
  • Adjustment
  • Installation
  • Preventative Maintenance

Because Zimmer is a family-owned fitness equipment repair business, we consider you a part of our family. In addition to providing premium repairs and preventative service, we specialize in integrity and professionalism. Our well-trained technicians have comprehensive training and knowledge to service virtually all fitness equipment brands. Whether your home gym includes a treadmill, elliptical, or other aerobic or strength equipment, we have the skills to assess the problem and restore functionality to your favorite machine. Call us right away, so that your physical fitness routine doesn’t suffer because of downed equipment.

Not sure if your home gym equipment can be salvaged? Give us a call before you decide to throw away a malfunctioning piece of equipment. With nearly 40 years of experience repairing and maintaining fitness equipment, we have quite a few tricks up our sleeves. We may be able to fix your machine or offer you a new or refurbished replacement.

The team at Zimmer Fitness Repair is dedicated to keeping your exercise equipment in great shape so that you can be, too! Contact us at 330-241-5593 and our specialists will come to you!

Zimmer Fitness Main Repair - Residential Brands

Fantastic!! Thank you so much for the quick repair job and all the info you gave me. Will be giving out your number to anyone who needs service on their equipment!!

Lisa Steward


Whether your business has one treadmill or twenty, we have the right preventative maintenance plan to meet your needs. We can inspect and repair your equipment on an annual, semi annual or quarterly basis to ensure its safety, overall working condition, and to prevent costly repairs.


Our experienced technicians can handle any repair that may be needed to fix and maintain your fitness equipment. Before you throw it away, talk to us first!